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Large 20mm Blister

The bubblewrap in this section has a 20mm blister/bubble and has 50 metres on a roll. This is most suitable for use on large items which require a larger protective blister/bubble for example pictures, mirrors, electrical items, medium/large components and signs. The larger bubble enables protection to be given to heavier items and also helps to keep them clean and dry.

Bubblewrap is extremely light in weight and therefore makes no significant increase to the weight of any items that you are wrapping.

The widths shown are the most popular. However we can supply bubblewrap with a 20mm blister/bubble in widths from 250mm to 2400mm. If the width you require is not showing on our website please contact the sales team on 01604 603600.

We can also supply 25mm and 30mm blister/bubblewrap.  For prices and lead time contact our sales team on 01604 603600.