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Layflat Tubing

Layflat tubing can be manufactured in widths from 2" to 72" and In a variety of gauges.  Black (opaque) layflat tubing is also available.

If you require different widths, gauges or black layflat tubing please call us for a quote on 01604 603600.

Layflat tubing is sold in one continuous polythene tube wound onto a roll.  It is an extremely versatile packaging material with many applications. It can be used for custom sized polythene bags and sealed with either a heat sealer, tape, staples or cable ties. 
Products are kept clean and protected by layflat tubing and it is also transparent for easy identification of contents.

The width of layflat is measured with the layflat folded flat. To calculate the width of layflat tubing you will need for a cylindrical product,  you will need to measure the diameter of the object e.g. 4" (102mm) and multiply by 3.1416 X .5.
This calculation gives you 160mm.  So for a cylindrical object with a diameter of 4" 102mm, you will need layflat tubing that has a width of more than 160mm.

If you wish to calculate the other way i.e. what the width of layflat tubing will accommodate.  The calculation is width of layflat tubing e.g.8" in width (203mm) x .6368 = 129.27mm -  this will fit a cylindrical product with a diameter of less than 129mm.  Please make an allowance so that the layflat tubing is easy to apply.