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Transparency, Bespoke Packaging & More: Top Sustainable Packing Trends for 2023

As we head into 2023, what’s changing within the packaging industry? Do you know what consumers are looking for? From better transparency regarding supply chains and custom packaging options which don’t harm the environment, take a look at the top sustainable packaging trends expected for 2023.


High recycled content packaging


Did you know that the recycling target for packaging in England is 75% for paper and cardboard by 2025, and 50% for plastic by 2025? Packaging that contains a high percentage of recycled content is something we’ve seen a lot of over the past few years, and this is set to increase in light of these recycling targets.

Furthermore, businesses are consciously choosing ways to keep carbon footprints low, while still providing excellent, high quality products, and what better way to do this than cutting back on single-use packaging products? Eco-friendly recycled content options include corrugated products, bubble wrap, mailing bags and others made with 30% recycled content.


Less is more


Have you heard of the 3 R’s? Reduce, reuse, and recycle. ‘Reduce’ is often the most neglected of the three. The trick with getting this right when it comes to your product packaging is to ensure that all packaging used is of a high quality and can perform its intended function well.

A great example of this is cardboard boxes. Corrugated boxes are durable, recyclable and practical. However, do you always use the appropriate size for your products? Your packaging supplier should stock a wide range of box sizes as this cuts back on unnecessary materials, as well as reducing the amount of space taken up during delivery, facilitating space and using fuel much more responsibly. This will be of increasing importance into the New Year as fuel costs remain high and customers continue to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Another option to consider is a bespoke cardboard box, made to your exact specifications, therefore cutting back on unnecessary material wastage.


UK consumers rank reducing waste, ethical practices and reducing carbon footprints as the some of the values they consider most important in businesses


Transparency across all businesses is becoming more and more important as customers rightfully want to know what brands are doing to be more sustainable. The UK public really does care; did you know that UK consumers rank reducing waste, ethical practices and reducing carbon footprints as the sustainable and ethical values they consider most important in businesses? And that doesn’t mean greenwashing and buzzwords; it means real life, practical steps to move towards a greener business model.

A great way to highlight the steps your business is taking to improve its green credentials is to be open about the packaging you use and where it comes from. This gives the public a better understanding of your supply chain and ensures that, as a business, you are kept accountable for the measures you take and acts as a good incentive to meet your targets.

By using packaging materials which contain recycled content from Leyland Packaging, you can confidently tell consumers where your packaging is from, and how you’re part of a responsible supply chain!


Bespoke sustainability


Choosing environmentally sustainable packaging does not mean that your business cannot express creativity. What’s more, any type of brand can use eco-friendly packaging, even luxury brands! From clothing companies to handmade gift makers and ecommerce brands, anybody can make their packaging more sustainable, thanks to customisation options available.

For example, decorative tissue paper, coloured void fillers, and printed ecommerce boxes are all eco-friendly ways of showing some creative flair when it comes to your packaging. Cartons and postal boxes can feature logos as well as other custom and personalised print on the interior and exterior.

Interior printing is a fantastic way to elevate your packaging as a luxury gift maker, for example, enabling personalization and that custom touch, without producing unnecessary waste that is often seen with extra inserts or cards.


At Leyland Packaging, we understand the importance of promoting environmentally friendly, great value for money packaging options. We’d love to help your business with your packaging needs as we head into the New Year, so to find out more about what we can do to help, please get in contact with us today! Fill out a quick contact form, or call us on 01604 603600 or email at
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