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Anti Static Bubble Bags

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Anti static bubble bags are used for electrical and I.T. products that are at risk of static damage. The bubble is desgined to prevent static build up. The bags are pink in colour in order to aid in identification.

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These bags feature a self seal strip to close.

  • Anti Static BB1 100mm x 135mm - Box Qty: 750
  • Anti Static BB2 130mm  x 180mm - Box Qty: 500
  • Anti Static BB3 180mm x 230mm - Box Qty: 300
  • Anti Static BB4 230mm x 280mm - Box Qty: 300
  • Anti Static BB5 280mm x 375mm - Box Qty: 150
  • Anti Static BB6 305mm x 425mm - Box Qty: 150
  • Anti Static BB7 380mm x 435mm - Box Qty: 100
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