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We are devoted to reducing our environmental impact by constantly making strides to find the most eco-friendly packaging solutions we possibly can. Within the industry, environmental waste is a huge issue, therefore we are making it our mission to provide companies with resolutions to make a positive choice and opt for environmentally friendly packaging such as our range of cardboard boxes, which are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

As concerns for our environment grow, we have seen an increase in customers seeking an eco-packaging solution, which is something we hope to see continue. A combination of many years of experience and our eco-friendly packaging means we can provide customers with options that help them align their packaging choices with their green values. For instance, our range of void filler options provide an environmentally friendly packaging solution, whilst our bubble-lined envelopes offer a robust protective padding yet are still a fully recyclable packaging option.

We also provide a wide range of eco-friendly products which are ideal for use in e-commerce. Both our garment and mailing bags, for instance, which are ideal for posting out clothing, papers, magazines or any small items, are a fully recyclable packaging solution. For further enquiries on how Leyland Packaging can help your company meet your environmental goals do not hesitate to contact us.

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