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As a business we are committed to sustainability and reducing waste. Our team are continuously looking for the latest products with tangible environmental benefits to offer our customers the widest range of options for their packaging.

The industry has an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and we understand our customers have different environmental goals that need to be met. Our expert team are on-hand to offer the most suitable packaging based on these goals and offer guidance on the different environmental benefits of products available.

Our current product range includes packaging with different environmental credentials. We have fully recyclable paper and plastic products as well as products made from recycled materials.

Our Eco Solutions include:

Water activated paper tape

Paper void fill

Protective honeycomb paper wrap

Bubble-lined envelopes

Bubblewrap with at least 30% recycled content

Recyclable garment bags

Paper document enclosed envelopes

For more information on our eco packaging solutions and how Leyland Packaging can help your company meet your environmental goals, please contact us.

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