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Self Adhesive Paper Tape

Self adhesive paper tape is an environmental alternative to standard packaging tapes. Used for carton sealing and general packaging applications, it can be applied by hand so requires no specialised equipment.

  • Recyclable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Excellent adhesion even on recycled cartons
  • Printable
  • Hand tearable

Self adhesive paper tape provides a level of security against theft compared to polyprop tape as with its smooth adhesion it is easy to see if the tape has been pulled to try and access the box contents..

Water Activated Tape

The most environmentally friendly carton sealing tape on the market. Made from natural resources and 100% recyclable.

Water is applied to the tape by a dispenser and bonds to the carton to create a strong, tamper evident seal. Water activated tape cannot be removed without leaving a visible trace. Reinforced tape will increase the security protection. Once applied the tape is temperature resistant, perfect for extreme conditions and long term storage.

Cost effective, only one strip will make a sufficient seal rather than several strips of cheap plastic tape.

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Self Adhesive Paper Tape - Brown

  • Recyclable paper material
  • Easy tear
  • Tape core 75mm

Water Activated Tape - Brown

  • Natural kraft paper
  • Plain Tape Gummed side in/out
  • Reinforced Tape Gummed side in/out
  • 38 or 76mm core
  • 100% recyclable
  • Pre-printed reinforced tape available
  • *Manual or Electronic dispenser required

Seld Adhesive Paper Tape

  • 50mm x 50M - 36 rolls per box


Water Activated Plain Tape:

  • 24-96mm width
  • 200M length
  • 60-90gsm kraft weight

Water Activated Reinforced Tape

  • 48-76mm width
  • 100-152M length
  • 125gsm kraft weight
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