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We supply a range of pistol grip tape dispensers for carton sealing. We can find a dispenser to fit any width, length and core size of tape you use. Our popular ones we stock are suitable for standard 50mm or 75mm tape with lengths of 66 metre and 132 metre. E-Tape dispensers fit the smaller 50mm core tape. Bench tape dispensers and bag neck sealers are commonly used on packing stations for smaller applications or general office use.                                                                                      

Water Activated Tape Dispensers - Manual or electronic dispensers to use specially for water activated tape. Manual dispensers are available at entry-level costs. Suitable for low-volume usage with easy to use designs. Electronic dispensers are for high-volume usage. Programme lengths required to minimise wastage.

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>Pistol grip dispenser 50mm standard or heavy duty

>Pistol grip dispenser 75mm standard or heavy duty

>E-Tape dispenser

>Bag neck sealer 9-12mm

>Bench mounted dispenser 25mm or 50mm up to 132M length tape

>Manual Water Activated Tape Dispenser

>Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser

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