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Kraft paper is being used more and more for void fill as it is fully recyclable. Pure kraft paper is made from virgin material. Used to wrap or layer contents. Line a carton, pack out gaps or use for interleaving. It is also used as wrapping paper to present handmade items and gifts. Kraft paper is high quality and tear resistant, just cut to desired length.

Available on a roll or individual sheets packed in reams. We can get paper rolls or sheets converted to smaller sizes if required. 


450mm x 280M 70gsm

500mm x 280M 70gsm

600mm x 280M 70gsm

750mm x 280M 70gsm

900mm x 280M 70gsm

1200mm x 280M 70gsm

900mm x 220M 88gsm



500 x 750mm 40gsm Full Ream

700 x 1150mm 70gsm Full Ream

900 x 1150mm 70gsm 1/2 Ream

900 x 1150 88gsm 1/2 Ream

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