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Waxed Kraft Paper: Unbleached kraft paper coated with paraffin wax. Used to wrap steel and other metal parts to prevent corrosion. Parts are oiled and wrapped to prevent impregnation of rust spots from moisture whilst in transport. Supplied on a roll 900mm width x 100M length x 55gsm.

Rust Inhibitor Paper: Kraft paper with a water-soluble coating to protect metals and prevent rust. Metals such as iron and steel. Component surface must be dry before wrapping. Supplied on a roll 1000mm width x 200M length x 50gsm.

Masking Paper Rolls: Used for masking up and protecting large areas when painting such as doors, window sills etc. Effective with water and solvent based paints applied by brush or paint sprayer. Supplied on rolls 450mm or 900mm width x 180M x 45gsm. 

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