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Postal cartons are now more being used more and more due to the increase in online shopping. If mailing bags do not offer adequate protection then postal cartons are a more robust alternative. These cartons are recyclable.

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Postal cartons are standard single wall and white on the outer. The boxes are made in an 0427 style which is similar to  pizza style box. It comes as a flat box that you fold in and use the flaps to assemble. With this style of carton, presentation of your products can be enhanced. The cartons can be recycled.

The following size cartons can be sent for the cost of a  large letter through the post, as when the boxes are assembled the external height is 24mm.  Please remember that there is also a maximum weight of 750 gramms  for these to be sent as a large letter.  The dimensions shown below are the internal usuable dimensions.

160 x 110 x 20mm 
222 x 160 x 20mm 
322 x 229 x 20mm (the largest size that can be sent as a large letter).                               

Other postal carton sizes available are:     
150 x 60 x 60mm 
140 x 130 x 50mm 
130 x 110 x 90mm 
200 x 120 x 50mm 
250 x 210 x 50mm 
270 x 170 x 80mm 
300 x 240 x 100mm 
420 x 260 x 50mm 
360 x 280 x 80mm 
419 x 338 x 72mm 
348 x 250 x 72mm

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