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Enviroflute Bubble Lined Envelopes

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A padded envelope made entirely from paper. The most eco-friendly alternative to standard bubble lined envelopes. Enviroflute envelopes are recyclable, biodegradable and waterproof. The internal protective padding is made using a patented corrugated design. The sleek design also has a space-saving benefit as it is less bulky than the standard padded envelopes thus potentially saving storage and postal costs. 

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10 sizes (measurements are internal sizes)                
Peel and seal lip.  Made from FSC paper.                                                  
Can be personalised with company name and contact information. Available in white or gold.

White or Gold

110 x 165mm Pack of 200
120 x 215mm Pack of 200 
150 x 215mm Pack of 200   
180 x 265mm Pack of 200
220 x 265mm Pack of 200   
220 x 330mm Pack of 100   
240 x 330mm Pack of 100   
270 x 360mm Pack of 100   
300 x 440mm Pack of 100   
350 x 470mm Pack of 100

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