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Foam Edges/Corners

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Foam edges and corners can be supplied in 2 metre U profiles, 2 metre L profiles and 100mm leg length corner profiles.  They are blue in colour and extremely light and pliable. They offer high impact protection and can be reused. Ideal for protecting doors, worktops, furniture and frames.

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Foam edges and corners come in a vareity of sizes for many applications. The L and U profiles that come in 2 metre lengths are easy to cut to the length you require. 

L Profile foam lengths 
50mm x 50mm x 6mm thickness - 2m length
75mm x 75mm x 10mm thickness -  m length

Corner profile   
5 - 15mm 100mm leg length
15 - 25mm 100mm leg length 
25 - 35mm 100mm leg length
35 - 45mm 100mm leg length
45 - 60mm 100mm leg length
60 - 60mm 100mm leg length 

U  Profile  foam length  
3 - 16mm 2m length
10 - 24mm 2m length 
20 - 35mm 2m length
25 - 44mm 2m length
45 - 76mm 2m length
60 - 96mm 2m length
90 - 120mm 2m length 

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