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Grey Mailing Bags

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Our largest range of mailing bags are the grey opaque style.  They are ideal for posting out clothing, papers, magazines or any small items. Most recognised for postal and courier delivery services when ordering online. The bags have self adhesive strips which give a permanent seal. If an alternative to grey is required then we offer a selection of sizes in clear, metallic blue and white.  We can also quote on bespoke mailing bags, so if you wish to customise your bag in a different colour, size or logo etc then please contact us for a quote. The bags are recyclable.

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Grey mailers available in 11 different sizes.  The thickness of the bags range from 55 micron in the smaller sizes to 65 micron for the larger sizes.  The majority of the grey mailers have a standard warning notice printed clearly on them which states 'Safety First. To avoid suffocation keep this bag away from babies and children.  Three sizes do not have the printed warning notice and these are marked with an * to indicate this.

- Grey (opaque)

- 150mm x 225mm + 50mm lip (Boxed in a 1000)

- 170mm x 230mm + 40mm lip (Boxed in 2000)*

- 225mm x 318mm + 50mm lip (Boxed in a 1000)

- 250mm x 300mm + 50mm lip (Boxed in a 1000)

- 320mm x 440mm + 40mm lip (Boxed in 500)*

- 400mm x 525mm + 50mm lip (Boxed in 500)

- 525mm x 600mm + 50mm lip (Boxed in 200)

- 575mm x 600mm + 50mm lip (Boxed in 200)

- 600mm x 900mm + 50mm lip (Boxed in 200)

- 700mm x 800mm + 50mm lip (Boxed in 200)

- 850mm x 1050mm + 50mm lip (Boxed in 200)*   

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