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Stretch film (also known as pallet wrap) is an ideal, safe and cost-effective method of securing pallets, keeping goods tightly bound and palletised items stable. Stretch film has the additional benefit of keeping your goods clean and dry as when applied the film adheres to itself. All our hand stretch film is produced using high quality blown material which offers a tackier film for ease of application.



We stock a range of standard core stretch film in clear or black (which offers additional security). We also offer various thicknesses, which are measured in microns. 17 micron is for standard applications, right up to 34 micron for heavy duty.

We can also supply more specialised films that have benefits tailored to the needs. For example, customers with a high volume usage we can supply a high performance stretch film. The film is lesser micron such as 14micron but will perform to a higher strength. 

We also supply cast stretch film which is both less noisy and has a higher clarity but does not give the high tack-like blown film.

- Clear

- Black

We offer a range of widths and thicknesses of stretch films that can be applied either by hand or using a dispenser (please see our packaging tools section for more information). 

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