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We supply 2 different types of twine:

Sisal Twine - made from a hard wearing, natural material. It's rough texture provides strong grip for heavy loads and useful for bundling manufactured items that have an oily residue.

Polypropylene Twine - has a synthetic coating that is resistant to the elements. It will stand up to water, oil and rot corrosion making it suitable for items stored outside. Used for general packing, garden and horticultural industries. 

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Sisal Twine:

- 2ply - 2.5kg weight

- 3ply - 2.25kg weight


Polyprop Twine:

- 2.25kg coil = 1012M length

- 2.25kg coil = 1575M length

- 4.5kg coil = 1575M length

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