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Leyland Packaging Introduce New Grip® Product Range

Leyland Packaging are now working with Grip® Systems to supply a range of innovative packaging products including the new Grip® Taper, the world’s most versatile water-activated tape dispenser. It is an automatic water activated tape dispenser, enabling reinforced paper tape to be used by operators anywhere.

Handheld and battery operated, there are no limits to where the taper can go, overcoming the limitations of desktop machines. The Taper has multiple tape length and speed settings, enabling the user to adjust as required. Although the machines are very compact and mobile, they are also designed to work just as effectively as a desktop machine, only taking up half the space of traditional machines.

Mark Bates, Managing Director, Leyland Packaging explains, “Reinforced paper tape is a popular choice for those looking for a sustainable option. It provides high security and protection to parcels, whilst being fully recyclable and exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax. However, the cost and limitations of water-activated tape dispensers have been a barrier to many. This new Grip® Taper is unique in that it offers the features and benefits of a traditional dispenser whilst being rechargeable and fully portable.”

Leyland Packaging are also distributors for the Grip® Paperflex Desktop. The high-quality diamond cut paper creates a strong cushion effect for any product, including fragile goods.  This desktop version was designed to adapt to any environment, including suction cup feet to ensure it is totally secured in the desired location. The perfect roll tension can be set with the twist-lock mechanism on the end of the dispenser which ensures the paper opens out to create the protective wrap, without any manual effort.

Mark Bates continues, “We have always worked with innovative and forward-thinking manufacturers and Grip® is no exception. They are continually reviewing and developing their product ranges to suit the market and our partnership with them ensures we have the latest innovations to offer our customer.”