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Leyland Packaging Review

Do you want to protect your products and reduce damages? Are you using too much packaging or looking to use more environmentally friendly products? Do you want to make costs savings or looking for more efficient processes? If so, Leyland’s Packaging Review can help.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, our experts offer a holistic review, providing recommendations for improvement to help you achieve your packaging goals.


  • Understand your current packaging process.
  • Evaluate the products being packed and how they are being packed,
  • Analysis of the techniques and materials being used.
  • Find recommendations to streamline the process such as automation, swapping to less labour-intensive products or replacing manual equipment with machinery.
  • Look at ways to improve your order and service patterns e.g. localised delivery, lower quantities at more regular intervals.


  • Find the best-fit sustainable packaging solutions for your operation.
  • Evaluate the environmental aspects of the packaging material and suggest greener options.
  • Make appropriate recommendations to reduce waste whilst maintaining a fit-for-purpose solution.


  • Focus on ways to help you make significant cost savings.
  • Reduce the amount of packaging used by recommending more effective packing methods.
  • Find cost-effective alternatives to current materials.
  • Reduce the cost of breakages with protective packaging.
  • Provide a cost analysis breakdown to identify the financial savings you could make.


To find out more about Leyland’s Packaging Review or to book a visit from one of our expert team, email [email protected] or call us on 01604 603600.